Friday, April 6, 2018

Hi BeYOUtiful Friends!

Today we're talking TIPS for our Bride 2 Be's... and Wedding Hair!

When you are a BeYOUtiful Bride, we LOVE seeing pictures of looks of inspiration that YOU LOVE and want to achieve!

Sometimes Brides pick and choose photos for "Wedding day looks" that may not work with your CURRENT Haircut.

We see this A LOT at our Trial Run Thru services...  

Brides may want THIS >
BUT~ Their current Haircut is THIS>

1.)  YOU MAY NEED A New Haircut to achieve what you are wanting for your Wedding Day!

Keep this in mind, and be *open to changing* your haircut to achieve your dream wedding hairstyle.

Haircut AND Hair-color are also SO IMPORTANT and very much play a HUGE factor in your styling.

If you've fallen in love with something like THIS>

But your hair currently looks like this >

MOST photographers back us in saying this 100%...*COLOR CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!*

2.)We may recommend HAIR COLOR changes! 
Brides are LOVING "textured and toussled" looks.  Its harder to achieve thru pictures when the hair is one solid color. Adding highlights, or lowlights can help you achieve the textured styles!

If you've fallen in LOVE with a specific "look" or style with your hair...consult your favorite HAIR stylist!
Your stylist should take into consideration... YOUR face shape, AND skin tones when choosing YOUR new look!

4.) DON'T GO CHEAP with your Hair services for your Wedding DAY!  
There are hundreds of salons and stylists in every city.  BUT- You don't have time for "hair mess-ups" before your BiG DAY!  If you have a friend who's hair you've ALWAYS loved...ask who her Hairstylist is!  If there is a friend on social media who's hair you LOVE...reach out and ask who does their hair!  You really want to stick with your trusted stylist!!! OR~ Find a stylist where you have seen and LOVE their work! 

A few more tips to keep in mind...

*Most stylists offer a complimentary fringe trim following haircut and color services. Take advantage of this, especially 1-2 weeks before the big day!

*If you need a haircut and color change before your Wedding, you'll also want to refresh it again about 1-2 weeks prior to you big day (If you don't have much grey hair).  If you DO have grey that you are trying to keep covered, you'll want a retouch the week before your Wedding!

*Prepping your Hair with deep conditioning treatments, and using **Salon purchased** Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling products REALLY does your hair some GOOD!

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