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Hi BeYOUtiful Friends!

Today we're talking TIPS for our Bride 2 Be's... and Wedding Hair!

When you are a BeYOUtiful Bride, we LOVE seeing pictures of looks of inspiration that YOU LOVE and want to achieve!

Sometimes Brides pick and choose photos for "Wedding day looks" that may not work with your CURRENT Haircut.

We see this A LOT at our Trial Run Thru services...  

Brides may want THIS >
BUT~ Their current Haircut is THIS>

1.)  YOU MAY NEED A New Haircut to achieve what you are wanting for your Wedding Day!

Keep this in mind, and be *open to changing* your haircut to achieve your dream wedding hairstyle.

Haircut AND Hair-color are also SO IMPORTANT and very much play a HUGE factor in your styling.

If you've fallen in love with something like THIS>

But your hair currently looks like this >

MOST photographers back us in saying this 100%...*COLOR CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING!*

2.)We may recommend HAIR COLOR changes! 
Brides are LOVING "textured and toussled" looks.  Its harder to achieve thru pictures when the hair is one solid color. Adding highlights, or lowlights can help you achieve the textured styles!

If you've fallen in LOVE with a specific "look" or style with your hair...consult your favorite HAIR stylist!
Your stylist should take into consideration... YOUR face shape, AND skin tones when choosing YOUR new look!

4.) DON'T GO CHEAP with your Hair services for your Wedding DAY!  
There are hundreds of salons and stylists in every city.  BUT- You don't have time for "hair mess-ups" before your BiG DAY!  If you have a friend who's hair you've ALWAYS loved...ask who her Hairstylist is!  If there is a friend on social media who's hair you LOVE...reach out and ask who does their hair!  You really want to stick with your trusted stylist!!! OR~ Find a stylist where you have seen and LOVE their work! 

A few more tips to keep in mind...

*Most stylists offer a complimentary fringe trim following haircut and color services. Take advantage of this, especially 1-2 weeks before the big day!

*If you need a haircut and color change before your Wedding, you'll also want to refresh it again about 1-2 weeks prior to you big day (If you don't have much grey hair).  If you DO have grey that you are trying to keep covered, you'll want a retouch the week before your Wedding!

*Prepping your Hair with deep conditioning treatments, and using **Salon purchased** Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling products REALLY does your hair some GOOD!

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AND if your looking for the BEST Hair and Makeup Stylists in LOUISVILLE...WELL ~ We think you know where to go! ;)

CALL or EMAIL US to inquire about Hair & Makeup Services for your BiG DAY! ~ 502.741.8843

~XO Tara

BeYOUtiful Hair & Makeup

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Spring Break Everyone!!!

We are SO excited that Spring is FINALLY HERE! * Can I get a WOO-HOO!* ;)

Spring ALWAYS bring up NEW hair color, FRESH Haircuts, AND LOTS and LOTS of WEDDINGS!!! 

<3 And its SO much FUN!

Everyone is getting ready for Oaks, and DERBY too! 

Oaks and Derby bring a special "Vibe" to Louisville...
The hustle and bustle that the races bring is SO exciting!

Click here to find out about ALL the neat events you can attend leading up to RACE DAY! 

So, we thought we'd share some tips on finding your perfect Oaks and Derby Attire!...


1.) We recommend that you find your outfit first!  
You want a dress that fits perfect!  
You want to feel comfortable-AND- GLAMOUROUS...if possible. <---- SUPER IMPORTANT! 
You'll want something that hugs your curves in all the right spots and a dress that isn't too LONG!  (Tip- Avoid floor length!... lots of walking, drinking, etc. could lead to a stained dress.)
ALSO- REMEMBER that the weather here in Kentucky is ALWAYS CRaZY and totally unpredictable!  So, 3/4 sleeves... CUTE Rompers, Jumsuits are TOTALLY OK! And, IN STYLE!

Here's Pantones spring colors for 2018!  
You DON'T want to get caught in colors that aren't in the current trends... 

Watch for dresses that coordinate nicely to the color palette! :)  
The cameras are sure to find YOU! (side note: the last few Oaks, and Derby races OUR Hair and Makeup Ladies have been featured in SEVERAL Magazines and interviewed for their "looks" and wardrobe! Pretty neat!)

Checkout a few FUN shops for outfits below!...(Everyone knows to try the Big-Name stores...I'm a bit of a fan of finding dresses at different places! You don't want to see your "TWIN" dress at Derby!)


I'm a HUGE FAN of a website called "ESHATKI!" It has an interesting name...but let me tell you, they custom make EVERY DRESS with ANY type of sleeve, pockets, neckline, length...WHATEVER! And- they are all VERY reasonably priced!  I've had a few dresses custom made for formal events... and you guys ~ every dress I've had several people stop and ask where I found my dress!  The most AMAZING part is that they can fit ANY Woman, ALL shapes and sizes!
Check it out here...Eshatki Custom Dresses
Heres a few of our favorite picks!...


NEW Spring dresses at Anthropology...
Our favorite Oaks and Derby Picks...


Nordstrom has some favorite picks for the Kentucky Derby too!...
Click Here ~ Nordstrom Kentucky Derby Picks


Macys has a GREAT variety of Rompers, Jumpsuites, and PLUS SIZES!


Oaks is much less "formal" than DERBY!  
For DERBY, You want to go "ALL OUT"... You'll want to wear your MOST formal dress...jewlery, hat...etc!  Oaks is also known for wearing shades of PINK to support breast cancer awareness.  And YES~ Men should ALSO wear pink too!!! :)

2.) Hat or Fascinator???

The MOST asked question!  Which to pick? Really, its personal preference!  Try on BOTH and decide which you like BEST on YOU!  

~OUR FAVORITE Local to Louisville Hat Designer is...
 ANNA HICKMAN at Dee's Crafts. 
 {Tell her Tara sent you ;) }  She's AMAZING!  She's a "behind the scenes Gal" this time of year because she hand crafts some of the MOST amazing hats AND fascinators in Dee's Crafts hat making room!  Her hats are mailed ALL OVER THE WORLD!  She can take a picture of your dress and create something AMAZING to match!  If she's busy~ ANYONE over there is AMAZING! :)
Local to Louisville, Dee's Crafts Site can be found here...Dee's 2018 Derby Hat Photoshoot

~A few years ago I stumbled across another AMAZING designer named, ARTURO RIOS on ETSY!  
His Hats and fascinators truly are works of ART! I feel like his creations you'd want to choose your FAVORITE and collaborate around his creation! ALL pictures below are HIS HATS and Fascinators and can be found by clicking the link below...Hat Artist Arturo Rios Etsy SHOP

You will SURELY be stopped by the press wearing one of his creations! 


**If you buy one~ LET US KNOW!!! We would LOVE to know which one you chose!**  

3.) HAIR & MAKEUP with BeYOUtiful Hair and Makeup { US! :) }...

We are the BEST hands down.  We've worked in the industry for over 15 years...(We started YOUNG! We give you looks that LAST!  We use all the BEST high definition tools AND products keeping you looking the BEST version of yourself ALL OAKS & DERBY day long!  

When Oaks and Derby AREN'T happening... 
We service Brides, Bridal parties, Photo Shoots, Special Events, commercial shoots...etc.  

We stand behind our services, we are on time, professional, and whatever event you hire us for...its about YOU.  We take pride in our industry, and making YOU the most BeYOUtiful YOU can be for your SPECIAL EVENT! 


For OAKS, and Derby, 
We book LARGE GROUPS, and/or Celebrities FIRST! 
If you'd like to BOOK US, we REQUIRE 1/2 of your total due, due ASAP to reserve your spot!
We also DO NOT OFFER ANY refunds because of WEATHER!  
<Rain or SHINE you still need to look GLAM for Derby and Oaks!>
We save your appointment, and we turn down other bookings once your spot is reserved.
The remaining total for your services is due at the time of your service. Via CASH or CARDS only.

Call, or email for more information.

We get SO many inquiries DAILY! ~ Please be patient when inquiring!

CHECK BACK HERE as we will post when we are all BOOKED UP! 


FOLLOW us for more info on our FAVORITE DERBY EATS!!! AND PLACES TO VISIT while you're here! 

AND- leave us some love and feedback below! We'd love to hear from YOU!

XO ~Tara :)

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