Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Be a BeYOUtiful Bride 

Our hands have been so busy in Hair & Makeup we have gotten behind on our blog postings!...

Weddings are our specialty, and have been for YEARS...

{SEE just a few of our past Brides BELOW!}

Theres so many Artists in our area with much talent to give.

We feel like theres plenty of work to go around AND plenty of personalities to match what you are looking for.

 The biggest thing that makes us stand out is ourselves, and our work.        
                                                                        We are on time, professional, 
                                                                       and make the day all about YOU. 

We create long lasting, fresh looks and styles that stand the tale of time.

Each and every Bride just radiates LOVE <3, just look for yourself! :)

Posting each of these pictures makes our hearts swell!  We simply adore each and every one of our Brides!

Every Wedding day is SO special and unique...and we hold fond memories made with each of YOU!  

2018 Booking Details :

As of now, we are booking Weddings with a minimum number of 6 services per artist.

We require a paid, non-refundable $50 deposit per artist to book and hold your date.   Once your date is locked in our calendar, we then set up your trial run service.  We do NOT "hold" any dates based on inquiry.

For Bridal Party Inquiries, Call 502.741.8843 or EMAIL : beyoutiful_you@icloud.com

(Please note- Each photo posted below has been given to us by our Bride or their photographers and are NOT to be copied and  and used for any other purpose other than promoting Wedding Hair and Makeup for BeYOUtiful Hair & Makeup in Louisville, KY...Please email Tara, at beyoutiful_you@icloud.com if you would like to watermark your photo with either your photography name, or if you'd like your personal picture removed.)

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